In the beautiful island of Thassos, in this island in Macedonia, the Aelia Studios stand out to be an ideal and welcoming place for your summer vacation. It is situated between mountain and sea, Aelia Studios is 1.2 km on the foot of Mount Ypsario, and Aelia Studios is only 1,2 km from the lively Skala Potamias.

There are four fully equipped studios which will be working for the first time this summer ( 2016 ) . They are equipped with modern equipment and modern décor and are ready to accommodate you. These studios are idyllically built with panoramic views overlooking the sea and mountains. These four studios await you throughout the year and are ready to offer guests moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Thassos, which has beautiful beaches has new cottages awaiting for you. Close your new country for wages or a yearly stay at a preferential price and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Aelia Studios is suitable for families looking to spend their holidays together in a safe place for their children.